About SPb

SPb was begun in 2007 as an experiment in "asymmetric publishing": using newer technologies and skills to make books of the same quality as conventional publishing, without being subject to the same economics. We intend to create a lineup of solid science fiction and fantasy novels which don't suit the needs of a major publisher. Our books are POD-printed by CreateSpace, distributed by Ingram, and sold through Amazon.

    Editor/Publisher:  Scott Washburn is a conventionally-published author who's been writing, editing, and supporting other writers' work for ten years.
    Art Director/Designer:  Jonathan Cresswell-Jones has also been published as an author, and has fifteen years' design experience in the magazine industry.

As SPB expands its lineup, we intend to open the site to submissions from other writers who are interested in getting their own books into print. We are not a 'vanity press' and will not charge fees for designing and creating books; however, we strongly urge any interested writer to have first submitted their work to as many large publishers as they could -- give the major-sales option a good try first. We're in no rush.