Fires of memory cover

Perfect Shadows (Fantasy)

By Siobhan Burke

Christopher Marlowe, poet and playwright, has played and lost his dangerous game of baiting England’s nobles. Betrayed and murdered, he finds himself transformed within a far more ancient game, in which he and others hunt humans as prey — while some of them hunt him. His only hope is the vampire who has resurrected him: Rósza la Loba, the protégé of Vlad Drakul.
His wits clouded, one eye blind from his death-wound, Marlowe is still determined to exploit his new life: seduction of men and women alike, power, immortality — and above all, a path to those who believe they have killed him. From the dark streets of London to the plot-riddled court of Queen Elizabeth, Marlowe will exact a terrible vengeance. But there are enemies more terrible than he has yet begun to grasp...